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Tips for an Electrical Plan When Building a New Home

31 Jan

Tips for an Electrical Plan When Building a New Home

Sydney’s Hills District is synonymous to the Great Australian Dream, attributed to like living in the suburbs with huge backyards. Suburbs such as Pennant Hills, North Rocks, Castle Hills and surrounds have been testament to this over the years. Further up north from Kellyville, the opening of the Rouse Hill Town Centre ushered in a great increase in the population of dwellers, turning the town from its medium density population to larger density population. Constructing a new home can be very exciting, but many people find themselves being carried away by that joy, overlooking come crucial elements of the house such as the electrical needs. If you this is not properly planned, you expose your new home to various risks like health and safety risks. Due to our great reliance on electricity, it pays to do proper planning to ensure your home is safe from risks, efficient and effectively organised. Here are some tips regarding electrical when building your new home.


Firstly, get yourself a licensed electrician that will talk you through the whole procedure and practices in order to ensure that the electrical components of your new home are installed in time and don’t interfere with the rest of the construction. It is also important to note that you should conclude on your electrics fixing plan after the frame for the house has been completed. This is advised so that changes can still be made before work is completed.


There are all various control panels that you may need in your new home — the likes of heating and cooling, lighting, home security etc. It is a good idea to decide early the kind of technology you intend to utilize in your home, so as to know exactly the type control panels needed, and the place to position them.


On your house blueprints, there is no point planning sockets outlets before furniture, as they might end up being placed in inconvenient positions. You won’t want to end up covering them with your furniture or bed. They all need to be placed to the side where lamps and chargers will need to be plugged in, it is best advised to put in a few more outlets than you think you need.



Professional building contractors will tell you to look at your house blueprints, then try to walk through the house in your mind, imagining where you would want the light switched to be. Be sure not to place any switch where you will want to hang pictures or art, place them to the side where they can be easily reached and won’t obstruct your décor.


Certain home energy management systems starting from a simple plug-in device can help control the electricity an appliance usage. Systems like that can be controlled remotely from your home, which ultimately saves you your money and ensures that your new home is safe even when you’re not there. Apart from the benefit of saving money, a well functional control system can remotely control the lighting system of the house whenever you’re away

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